Yen: Landing Page Concept


Here’s a video that I put together, talking through candidly a first-pass at the upcoming public landing page for

Nothing here is final, of course, but, you can hear me speak plainly about some of the elements and some of the things that we were thinking through as we built them out.

Top-level considerations that we’d love the new user to experience when they encounter

1. That we’re about transparency, sharing meta data about the network as a whole. Unsure of how to best share what and where and when, but, this is a first pass.

2. Access to a robust search, immediately. We are a search culture now and we want to be able to provide value to even non-users who are just taking a look at our community.

3. Trending topics or things that might be of interest to both non-users and users. There will be a ton of interesting data and interactions that are going to take place in our network and we want to be able to highlight much of that to folks.

Again, it’s a little low-quality, but, should give you a taste of how we think and build.

– john