YEN OG Co-Builders

When I did a massive restart we had, at the time, a number of community members who were ardent supporters, fans, and community members.

Many of them have since gone on to do greater and even bigger things but I did want to publicly thank them, one more time, as we close that chapter down. This list was originally published in February of 2019.

Thanks again. It was a trip. I’m sorry we didn’t finish the race together, at least in the form we originally believed. It’s not over quite yet though.

Here is a list of the folks (in no particular order) who have dedicated time to help us build an amazing product! We couldn’t be more grateful for their help and support!

Many of these folks showed up, in-person, from all over the world to onboard into our BETA platform! Humbled, honored.

Our First Cohort of Private Beta Testers:

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