YEN Retreat in Pictures

It’s pretty much impossible to communicate how amazing our first-ever #YENretreat was and how it literally changed my life… in so many ways.

To start, there are 3 things that blew my mind:

  1. How amazing our community around YEN really is and how diverse their backgrounds and stories are. As a good friend mentioned, faith and hope (in a better tomorrow) were consistent themes from all of those in attendance, which is consistent with most of the larger community in the blockchain, bitcoin, and decentralized space. These things represent a brighter future and it can’t get here fast enough!
  2. The work that my brother has done to build, cultivate, and love on these folks is impossible to truly calculate and appreciate, so much so that I had to pull him aside and ask him to forgive me for not understanding the mountain of work that he’s put into building this company from the ground-up. Growing empathy for your team, even (and especially) for your cofounder, is a job that never ends and I’m so grateful for being able to partner with such a motivated, committed, and hard-working person. He inspires me!
  3. I was confident about our small project… but I had no idea that I could be even more confident about our ability to execute and succeed. The time that we spent with our community IRL solidified my belief that we’re working on something that matters, a lot. And, that the time that we’ve spent has already created a ton of value for all of us. We’re doing this right… and it’s just a better way of building a company.

Thanks again to Paul for taking the time to capture these moments in pictures and video!

We are 🌕bound… it’s only a matter of time now. 🚀