Yen: Sketches and Original Concepts


As you know, we’re actively building out Yen and working towards a usable alpha product that we can share with a select group of testers.

 We have a lot of ground to cover and our rough “guesstimate” seems to suggest 5 months of seriously-difficult engineering work… but good things come to those who wait!

We wanted to start sharing some true behind-the-scenes looks at the work that we’re doing and give you even more historical context as we move forward.

Here are some of our first-pass concept pieces that we captured in our notebooks earlier this year:

A simple feed concept.

A single post or update concept.

An example of a cryptocurrency transaction.

A concept that shows expanding a post to see more details or a larger conversation.

As you can see, these are rough passes that we had cooked up but it’s where we always start… hand-drawn sketches to capture top-level ideas and thoughts and then we go from there.

More to come very, very soon…

– Dogelord