Yen: The Future is Video

… or rather, the future is already here.

As many of you know, YouTube has finally turned us back on and we’re now back to livestreaming.

We think that this represents a massive opportunity for the right type of community and cryptocurrency loves livestreaming content!

Consequently, we’re making sure that livestreaming is a huge part of our network and we’ve got a specific “view” that we’ve created that will allow folks to livestream and share that on Yen.

If they do that, it’ll automagically pop up into this “Broadcast” section so people can scroll and peruse the many livestreams that are currently active.

This is partly why we’re coaching many in our Cohorts to start getting used to creating content for their future communities.

Livestreaming is a thing… and we’re banking on it being even bigger in Yen.

– john