This is a simple tip via <sysop> Michele:

This is a really neat (and super-useful!) hack since it solves a fundamental problem that she was having: Multiple YENIVERSEs!

Here’s a look at my current setup.

I only have one browser-based “Group Tab” and I call it “CORE” which contains the following (at the present moment):

  1. YEN.CHAT — How I communicate with my venture-funded, decentralized startup as well as my family and my investors and… well, everything! It’s crazy to think that I can manage almost everything in my digital life via one, single, browser tab.
  2. GMAIL / GCAL — I still (sadly) must use email and calendaring but my dependency on these tools is becoming less and less.
  3. GCP — We have a simple app and I review stats via their console. Eventually I’ll build some software which surfaces these insights to me without having a dedicated browser tab; we’re very close, I can feel it.
  4. Feedly — One of my favorite web apps of all time! A “daily driver”, for sure.

That’s about it! 5 tabs in the group and it’s working like a charm and using it intentionally to manage multiple YENIVERSE communities makes a ton of sense.

It’s pretty easy to create these things!

The more encouraging thing is the fact that <sysops> like Michele are taking the time to share their insights, discoveries, and best practices with others! The future of the internet (and metaverse) depends on this type of work, investment, and belief.

We are the few, the proud, and we are living in the future while patiently waiting for everyone else to get a clue and hurry up and join us there.