Yen: Transaction Conversations


It’s hard to imagine, but, in our current state of tooling in the cryptocurrency space… you can’t actually (easily…) chat about the transactions that you and others make.

Imagine that.

I mean, we do this in real life though, right? The moment we buy that sweet new _____fill_in_the_blank_____ you immediately tweet out or share it on Facebook or at least tell somebody, right?

But when you buy cryptocurrency via your typical exchange, well… you just get to sit there and stare at your wallet in complete isolation.

Kind of sad, if you think about it.

As you know, we’re social creatures and we believe that cryptocurrency and the power of decentralized systems and protocols is the fact that it’s fundamentally powered by humans and demands to be talked about!

So we’re building that.

In our current implementation, whenever someone buys cryptocurrency through authenticated exchanges, you’ll be able to not only see those transactions but also chat about it, replay it (if you feel like it was a good buy) and more. 

We feel like this is much, much closer to how real life operates. We do things and we conversate about them. This is just how it should work, right?

– john