YEN: Yes, BAT is Coming… (and our SLDC Process)!

There. There she is. 

The goal is to do testing this week and early next on our implementation and you should be able to buy/sell BAT via YEN next week!

Remember, our goal is to ensure a robust and secure product, meaning that we have to test everything that comes our way, especially if it’s from a partner service, like Coinbase… and sometimes they get it wrong.

Meaning, sometimes they forget to have things like “graceful fallbacks” or “failure notices” on APIs and such things so that their users (and ours) have the right information at the right time.

We do comprehensive testing for our community so that their confidence is built every time they use the system. This is easier said than done!

If you’re curious about how this all looks like, you can review a new updated section on our CHANGELOG about our Software Development Lifecycle!

Hope you learn something!