The Yenicorn

Yesterday was a very important day as there were two birthdays that were celebrated, the first being bitcoin and the second one being The Yenicorn.

The one and only!

My brother and I shared yesterday on a livestream our new mascot for YEN and, as the video shares, I was super-geeking out over it (starts around minute 25):

Not only did we manage to retain the amazing services of Simon Oxley (creator of the original Twitter brand icon, Github’s “Octocat,” Digital Ocean’s “Sammy the Shark” (among many others) but the idea of the “Yenicorn” was entirely driven by our amazing community!

As I shared in the livestream, I’ve always wanted mascots for my companies and projects and it’s never really made a lot of sense to have one, especially for the types of companies that I’ve founded – they just never fit or the brand wasn’t going to “work” sotospeak.

(I was able to put together this amazing doggo for a To-Do List App but it never launched as I shelved the project before it went public.)

The right combination of product, company culture, and customers and community is required and you simply can’t manufacture that type of mix! So, I was so pleased when our community came up with some ideas that ultimately spurred us to canonize the idea into something distinct, unique, and fun!

And within hours of publicly sharing our new mascot the community, naturally, started mixing and remixing her into a variety of different designs, including having him hangout with my little one-year old above as well as doing Halloween Pumpkin carvings!

This is exactly what we had hoped our community would do – embrace the Yenicorn as their own and make it even more special.

So… Happy Birthday Yenicorn! You are soooooooo G.O.A.T.!

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