yo, gg.


I’ve established a new company that is nothing more (at this point in time) than a registered business with a Federal EIN (tax identification #).

I created it so that I can optimize my own personal income (expenses, etc.) since I had closed the doors on my previous company.

So what does “yo, gg” stand for? For those that know an explanation would never completely suffice. For those that are scratching their heads, it’s related to the gaming culture most typically used after a match or a game online:


It stands for “good game” – this can be a polite head-nod to your opponent or it could be used as an opportunity to pour salt in the wound if the game was completely lopsided. Urban Dictionary is appropriate here.

I personally would add “yo” before it which helped reinforce the more positive perspective of my comment. I also really like the word “yo” and would much rather call people “yo” than by their real name (sometimes I forget their real name and that’s all I have for them anyway).

But the sweetest thing is my domain name and URL: It’s probably the coolest (and shortest) URL that I own. That’s a plus.