You Are The Anxiety

Less of a video game and more of an interactive story – check it out here! It will only take a few minutes of your time.

I do enjoy eating while working.

I like the little red fox / monster / thing.

Protect your human from the world.

Sometimes I do just want to leave it all behind. It sounds so picturesque, so nice, so pleasant.


I have definitely felt this before. Neurotic much?

Serial killers! They are everywhere!

There was a season where I literally asked those two questions every single waking moment:

  • You’re being used by other people!
  • You’re just using other people!

How the hell would you really know? Anxiety slays me. Its companion, depression, as well.

Free from the pain.

We just want to live, to be useful, to be loved.

Eat that sandwich.

Anxiety can feel like it has control but that isn’t usually the case.

Do the armadillo!

I know this position well. I cannot wait for the next part!