You Get to Decide How Much

I’ve always liked Jim Carrey and he, on occasion, has some fairly decent words of wisdom and advice scattered in and around the internet. The Mask was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up and I must have watched that movie 100 times.

Not everything he shares here is worth following but I agree with the overall sentiment; that trying to make other people happy as your primary objective is a losing battle, 10 out of 10 times.

Strangely, this becomes harder when you get older as the pressures seem to grow (as well as the number of sources). I have to work hard to ignore the many voices that want to mold me into their own image, oftentimes without them even knowing (so I can’t entirely blame them or keep them at fault)!

I think of this especially with my own kids as I want them to know that they are loved and supported but that they do not have to ever fight for acceptance – I love them as they are, just as God created them.

My goal (and theirs… and yours…) is to create value for other people and to leave the world in a much better place by the time we all leave. Pretty simple yet so very difficult to do.

And we all get to decide how much we want to contribute or consume – just don’t become invisible because that’s not very fun at all.