You Have to Dance

One of my favorite YouTube channels is “Every Frame a Painting” and in this particular video by Tony Zhou about editing:

I particularly like his conclusion about the fine art and science of editing:

If editing is so instinctive, how do you learn it? I only know one way: Practice.

And editing is very similar to dance in that way, you can explain the rudiments of dance, but to really learn how to dance, you have to dance.

You have to cut, and as you cut, you’ll develop a sense of rhythm and emotion that’s unique to you.

Like most things in life you simply have to practice, over, and over, and over again. Mental exercises are helpful but if they aren’t aligned with the actual practice of whatever you’re doing then you’ll never actually improve.

What do you want to become better at? What is it that you need to get better at to get to the next level? Whatever it is… I hope you’re doing it every… single… day.

And then, don’t stop.