You Rule My Drool

I recently got some amazing cards from my two older kiddos… I find them hilarious and also heartwarming:

The above one was from my 8-year old, who, apparently believes that I “rule her drool” and I’m not exactly sure what that means.

But that 🎂 cake is 🔥.

This one, from my 12-year old, is precious:

Dear Appa,

This might not be the neatest card I give you, but I still wanted to make you one, because you are my buddy. You are my favorite person to turn to when I am stressed or just need to talk to. You are my favorite Appa, forever.

❤️ Roenne

Pretty much, pretty much.

As my oldest gets older… we’re able to have much more “grownup” chats about stuff, and I really, really dig that. I like being her buddy because she is my buddy.

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