You are Software

I’m pretty sure that I’ve considered this idea in the past but, for some reason, it feels like a new-ish concept in my brain as it feels more meaningful to me at this point in time.

Maybe you’ll agree:

Here are the two books mentioned in my vlog:

  1. It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work
  2. Bad Blood

What Will You Upgrade This Year?

As you think about yourself as software, which you can “upgrade” at any moment and in so many different ways, what will you decide to do?

Will you upgrade your mental health? Your physical? Emotional? Maybe you need to review and declutter your spiritual life?

Or maybe you need to have a “hard reset” and defrag most of it?

I don’t know what you need but all computers need review and maintenance once in a while… actually, much more than that. I, in particular, love keeping my computers squeaky-clean.