YOU (Yes You!) Keep The (Digital) Lights 💡 On!

Hey everyone!

Hope your weekend has been restful and awesome! 👍🏼

Just wanted to give you guys some real-time updates and keep the transparency-level high because all of your support really does go directly to The Pub and keeping things going!

As you can see above, our new CDN is working hard at delivering content and our system to wherever you are and this weekend The Doge Lord and I have been working to optimize the backend and tweak server and architecture settings to maximize throughput.

It’s been frustrating, at times, I won’t lie, and I even shared some late-night thoughts like this recently on The Pub.

But it’s entirely worth it as we have folks all over the world requesting the content that all of you are creating!

Consequently, we made our first big payment for the CDN and added a bunch of credits to the account.

Thanks so much for your support as it keeps things running smoothly! We love building this community and creating fresh and helpful YouTube content for you daily.

This is a privilege and joy for us!