Your View Today Is…

This is my view this morning as I wait for the campus cafeteria to open up. I feel very much like a middle school student waiting outside the mess hall during a summer camp hoping that I can get in early to grab the limited supply of fruit loops or cocoa puffs.

But at least I’m close enough to pick up a strong signal from the wifi that’s available.

And to be honest the up-down is not too shabby so I can’t complain much at all and it’s too early in the morning to be slain by the 100+ degree heat over here in Dallas, Texas.

The day promises to be one full of work, reading, writing, and discussion as I attempt to finish off the third class this summer semester for my double masters degree (I shared a bit more in my newsletter that went out yesterday – are you subscribed?). This is the first seminar-style class I’ve had in all my time as an enrolled student and so actively participating in the discussions is not only mandatory and required but also very necessary so as to not fall asleep and/or appear to be mute. I would describe the atmosphere as “lively” I suppose.

Enough about me, what about you? What is your view today (or whenever you read this post)? What conversations will be entertained at that spot, that locale?

Have a great wednesday everyone!


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