My YouTube Workflow in 2020

When I first started my YouTube journey I was a complete novice, just like most folks when they move from content “consumer” to content “creator”. In fact, I still have one of my very first “vlog-ish” experiments that I did, shortly after I decided that I wanted to try to become a full-time blogger:

What’s fun to notice is the fact that my essential publishing workflow hasn’t changed much in the last 10+ years; the software and the hardware has most-certainly leveled-up (as well as the total cost of ownership) but the fundamentals are still the same.

I was asked the other day how I go about putting my videos up on YouTube for my daily vlog in which I chronicle my experience as a startup founder:

Thanks Grant!

I gave him the nuts-and-bolts and I realized that this might be an exceptionally-useful share as well.

So, with that in mind, I’ve created an overview video and I’ve described my current workflow and process of capturing, editing, and publishing stuff to YouTube:

  1. Get a camera, anyone will really do.
  2. Hit the record button.
  3. Start talking! If you’re stuck, talk about what you’re planning on doing today. If not that, talk about what you did yesterday and what worked and what didn’t. Easy, right? Polish isn’t necessary. Just go. Eventually…
  4. Stop talking! That’s right, hit the record button one more time!
  5. Edit video in your favorite (or easiest / cheapest) editor that you can find / use. I used iMovie on my iPhone for years. Currently, I use Adobe Premier.
  6. Add background music, if you want. Perhaps you don’t start here. Perhaps that’s too much?! I currently use this service for licensed audio.
  7. Export the video with as high a resolution as you can. Many video editors have default export settings for YouTube!
  1. Upload to YouTube. You got this.
  2. Adding a nice thumbnail is considered “best-practice” and I use Canva for all of my thumbnails!
  3. Sit back and wait for it to render and upscale to the highest resolution. Change it from “Private” to “Public” and pat yourself on the back… you’ve done it.

And that, my friends, is how I create YouTube videos in 2020! It’s not complicated nor complex and I’m not doing anything that anyone else can’t do!

Here’s my explanation of this process and my encouragement to you: You can do this, I believe in you!

Love to hear your thoughts!

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]