Zesty: Leveling Up the Human Species

Some of you may noticed a slight change in my LinkedIn profile today (as well as my Twitter handle) sharing the news that I’ve decided to join an amazing new company, Zesty, on their quest to make the human species more healthy (i.e. leveling up!).

It’s an ambitious goal but they know what they’re doing and they’ve already begun to impact a ton of organizations and their staff through healthy eating (which is just the beginning).

The reason why this speaks so directly to my spirit and my soul is because I know the power of eating right and well – a few years ago after some significant time in the ER, I took a serious look at my health and decided to completely overhaul it. I lost over 30 pounds because I decided to work specifically on my diet, taking my habits and completely re-evaluating their impact on my physical and mental health.

I am now in the very best shape of my entire life and have not only kept the weight off but continued to refine my approach to a holistically healthy lifestyle. My family, my wife, and my kids have a better husband and father because of this new reality!

So when I began a conversation about helping them scale their business from a human capital perspective I saw it as a rare opportunity to invest wholeheartedly into an organization and culture that has brought so much personal value to my own life and multiply that to as many companies as possible.

Oh, and naturally, we’re hiring like crazy right now (with the help of a $17M Series A) and I’m personally looking to build a small team starting with a kickass Recruiting Coordinator which should be super-fun.

There’s much more to share about this major career pivot and I imagine that I’ll continue to share more of that in the future, but for now, I’m just over-the-moon excited to help a company that can utilize my skills, my experience, and my passions in a way that is pragmatically beneficial to others.

If you’re healthy then the people you work with, the organizations you run (or lead), and the work that you do (and the subsequent impact) is always bigger and better. Zesty helps people and businesses do their very best work and that’s something that I can get behind.

Wanna work with me and with a hyper-growth company doing meaningful and impactful work? Hit me up on LinkedIn directly and let’s talk.