5 Things I Do So I Don’t Become a Blogging Zombie (Writer’s Block)

Never happened to you... right? *smile*

There are honestly some days where you simply do not have the energy or inspiration to drop that blog post.

You’ve probably been there many times before, right? (In fact, I was there while I was writing this post!)

The challenge that we face is to not become a Blogging Zombie and to continue moving forward at all times, despite our lack of creativity, energy, and zest!

Here are some things that I do to break the hurdle of writers block:

  1. Get up, walk around, and even dance. Maybe even exercise! Moving my body does wonders for me!
  2. Go chat with someone that I care about. I get tons of inspiration from those that I love.
  3. Visit StumbleUpon. Enough said! The catch is limiting your exposure. I give myself 10-15 minutes max and then get back to work.
  4. Eat something. Snack. This is not procrastination if done well! (But don’t eat too much!)
  5. Take a nap or read. I have to choose one and then commit! Again, set a time limit!

What about you? How do you keep the zombie from showing up?